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Office 2013

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I saw a blog post today on Excel 2013 with pivot map and initially thought it is not true and wanted to try out how this works for India.

It was very easy steps

1. Entered the Cities and population in Excel 2013

2. Selected the Apps for Office and clicked Bing Maps. It took me to a web page to add it (it asked for credential and I provided my live ID)

3. Then I clicked the office store and got this add-in and inserted it

4. This was less than 30 seconds job. Of course entering the population took time 🙂

Office 2013 Rocks


In CRM 4.0 (and in CRM 2011 too), the export to excel is a boolean. Either it is available for users or it is not.  customers want to enable the export to excel only to certain entities and/or restrict number of records based on security role.

Fortunately, I had have customers for both these scenarios and I could able to provide a solution for both these scenarios. It requires ISV, custom page, custom reports. We also could able to audit, how many records user have exported on each entity. It is a very well pluggable solution. When it comes to audit, we couldn’t able to audit the dynamic export & Pivot. So, we didn’t show those two as options from our custom ISV excel button. Looking for a solution which even address that.